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Falak Comprises of 16 Beautiful Luxury Pret Outfits made in flauntable fabrics with alluring details and embellishments,

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Nadir - E - FalakNadir - E - Falak
Nadir - E - Falak Sale priceFrom Rs.30,000.00
Zawal FalakZawal Falak
Zawal Falak Sale priceRs.27,000.00
Sold outFalak Fizza By Wahaj M KhanLatest Pakistani Dress Collection
Falak Fizza Sale priceRs.28,500.00
Falak Amaan New Dress CollectionFalak Amaan By Wahaj M Khan
Falak Amaan Sale priceRs.27,000.00
Tafakhar - E - FalakTafakhar - E - Falak
Tafakhar - E - Falak Sale priceFrom Rs.40,000.00
Sold outLatest Women DressesLatest Pakistani Women Dresses
Falak Zaafran Sale priceRs.30,000.00
Sold outFalak Naz Dress CollectionNew Pakistani Dress Collection
Falak Naz Sale priceRs.25,000.00
Sold outSabz - E - FalakSabz - E - Falak
Sabz - E - Falak Sale priceRs.25,000.00
Sukoon - E - FalakSukoon - E - Falak
Sukoon - E - Falak Sale priceRs.35,000.00
Arrgwani - E - Falak ShirtArrgwani - E - Falak Shirts
Arrgwani - E - Falak Sale priceRs.45,000.00
Sold outSubh - E - FalakSubh - E - Falak
Subh - E - Falak Sale priceFrom Rs.27,000.00
Falak Sol By Wahaj M KhanNew Dress Collection
Falak Sol Sale priceFrom Rs.25,000.00
Sold outZarf - E - FalakZarf - E - Falak
Zarf - E - Falak Sale priceFrom Rs.22,000.00
Sold outLatest Pakistani Women DressNew Collection of Pakistani Women Dress
Falak Nur Sale priceFrom Rs.23,000.00
Falak Tara - A Beautiful Dress CollectionDress Collection For Women's
Falak Tara Sale priceFrom Rs.33,000.00
Teher - E - FalakTeher - E - Falak
Teher - E - Falak Sale priceFrom Rs.27,000.00