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WMK is a design-driven luxury wear brand.

Wahaj M Khan Designs, a fashion label founded by Wahaj Moiz Khan, a business and design graduate has permeated Pakistani fashion scene by storm lately. Wahaj M Khan has formed a forte for himself in the country’s fashion scene due to his breathtaking Bridals and luxury pret wear. The intricacy in his embellishments speak volumes for his reverence to details and perfection; and cuts for his expertise as a qualified designer.
Coming from a family already versatile in different businesses, Wahaj ventured into the fashion industry formally in 2010 after completing a diploma course in Design and a business degree previously. In a decade’s time, the label has developed rapidly from a short scale workshop to a popular commercially viable luxury label.
Wahaj has made his mark with his Prêt, Couture, and Bridal collections and is a name not to be forgotten. His collections Motia, Festive Fiesta, Ombre and Midsummer Dreams were from his notable accomplishments driven by his expertise in illustrations, fine craftmanship and unique way of playing with colors.
Wahaj M Khan along with our nationwide presence has successfully showcased and exhibited his designs internationally in Dubai, India, UK and USA. Our collections and designs have always been applauded and widely acknowledged. Currently we retail from our flagship store on Zamzama 7th Lane. The brand looks actively looks for business opportunities and partnerships worldwide.