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Sold outSawera’20/1Sawera’20/1
Sawera’20/1 Sale priceRs.13,000.00
Sold outSawera’20/2Sawera’20/2
Sawera’20/2 Sale priceRs.12,000.00
Sold outSawera’20/3Sawera’20/3
Sawera’20/3 Sale priceRs.13,000.00
Sold outSawera’20/4Sawera’20/4
Sawera’20/4 Sale priceRs.12,000.00
Sold outladies wearladies trousers
Sawera’20/5 Sale priceRs.15,000.00
Sold outSawera collectionready to wear
Sawera’20/6 Sale priceRs.10,000.00
Sold outready to wear Lengaready to wear partywear
Sawera’20/7 Sale priceRs.20,000.00
Sold outSawera’20/8Sawera collection
Sawera’20/8 Sale priceRs.25,000.00
Sold outSawera collectionSawera collection
Sawera’20/9 Sale priceRs.12,000.00
Sold outSawera’20/10Sawera’20/10
Sawera’20/10 Sale priceRs.12,000.00